Meet the Team


Head Coach: Sifu Mimi Chan

Sifu Mimi Chan began her martial arts training under her father, Grandmaster Chan Pui, at the age of 3. By the age of 5 she was already performing in exhibitions.   At 17, she won her first of many Grand Championships.  Now retired from competition, Mimi is currently undefeated in both hand form and weapons.  She now dedicates her tournament experience to teaching her students and sharing her knowledge with them. Along with live performances she entered the movie world when she was chosen as the model and martial arts video reference for Disney’s animated feature, Mulan. She has been featured in several martial arts magazines and entered the kung fu hall of fame when Inside Kung Magazine voted her as 2000 “Woman of the Year”.  In 2011, she returned to the film world to take on the endeavor of making a documentary about her father’s life.  She produced and directed the documentary: Pui Chan: Kung Fu Pioneer. The film won 10 awards at film festivals and has screened throughout North America to sold out audiences. Mimi Chan will continue to strive to spread the spirit of martial arts and the Wah Lum System.  She follows the footsteps of her father by dedicating her life to teaching at the Wah Lum Kung Fu Temple.




Ricardo Flores began his martial arts training in 2008 at the Wah Lum Temple. After 3 years of training, he began participating in local tournaments, and performing in professional exhibitions. He began teaching as an assistant instructor in 2012, and competed in the International Kuoshu Championship Tournament in 2013; winning medals in the advanced division for traditional hand forms and weapons. Now after 10 years of intense training, Ricardo is preparing to journey to China as a Wah Lum of USA delegate, and to compete in the Zhengzhou International Festival in an effort to continue growing as a martial artist.

Fun Fact: Ricardo can make his own weapons.


Alexia began training at the Wah Lum Temple at 12 years old. She has been a demo member for 8 years and an assistant instructor for 7 years.  During her time at the temple, she has trained in traditional kung fu hand forms and weapons, lion dancing, dragon dance and pearl, as well as ribbon dance. She has competed in several kung fu competitions since 2010.  Alexia has performed nationally with the Temple Demo Team, including events at Universal Studios and Disney. She has performed for Epcot’s Holidays Around the World event for the past several years as the China lion.
Fun Fact: Alexia was the double for Sifu Tu (monkey king) in Wah Lum’s theatrical production of Journey to the West.
Alex Lam began his training at the Wah Lum Temple when he was 4 years old. He joined the Wah Lum
Demo team and began teaching kung fu when he was 13.  Since then, Alex has participated in several tournaments with the Wah Lum Demo Team nationally and performed in multiple events at Disney and Universal Studios. He especially enjoys demonstrating fight sets and northern style lion dancing during the Chinese Lunar New Year around Central Florida.  Alex strives to become the best marital artist that he can be and seeks to become a model student of the Wah Lum System.
Fun Fact: Alex enjoys scaring unsuspecting tourists at Epcot in the lion head.


Nicholas began practicing kung fu at the Wah Lum Temple at the age of 16 under Sifu Mimi Chan. He became a member of the Wah Lum Demo Team and began teaching kung fu when he was 18, and continues to teach kids and adults of all ages. He has medaled in kung fu tournaments, and has performed in several Wah Lum shows nationwide. He has performed lion, dragon, and kung fu shows at both Disney World and Universal Studios. Nicholas is currently in UCF’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program, and continues to play an active role as a student, performer, and instructor at the Wah Lum Temple.

Fun Fact: Nick does not like to wear shoes, and Sifu Mimi often calls him ‘no shoe Nick’.


Andrew Nguyen started his martial arts training at the age of 4 and attended his first tournament at 6, winning his first gold medal.  At the age of 11he started training under Sifu Mimi Chan as a part of the Wah Lum Temple Demo Team. He then started teaching the Little Mantis class at the age of 12.  He is still in the early stages of his martial arts career and enjoys participating in tournaments and performing in shows with his Demo Team members.

Fun Fact: Andrew has Sifu Mimi and Sifu Oscar to thank for his much improved posture.


Victor Nogueira is 23 years old and started training with Wah Lum Kung Fu in Brazil at the age of 15. He has performed in many events, such as Chinese new years Wah Lum shows. He has also performed internationally in the Wah Lum Germany school Grand Opening in Munster. Currently, he runs the kids class in Wah Lum Brazil and is one of the school’s Assistant Instructors, hoping to help his Kung Fu brothers during their journey.

Fun Fact: Victor used Sifu Mimi’s show music for his form in Germany.


Eric joined Wah Lum North Orlando under Sifu George Kee in 2013.  He is an assistant instructor for adults, pee wees, and kids class.  Eric competed in the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship Tournament in 2018; winning medals in the advanced division for traditional hand forms and weapons.  He has also performed in Wah Lum shows and Chinese New Years.  Eric is very excited about this opportunity to go to China with his Wah Lum family and looks forward to learning more about China’s history and culture. 

Fun Fact: At a young age, Eric learned his first Kung Fu lessons from Sifu Paul Vizzio who was featured in the award winning documentary Pui Chan: Kung Fu Pioneer. 

Teresa So began her martial arts training at the age of 20 during her sophomore year in college when she accidentally walked into the wrong gym classroom and ended up joining the Boston
University Kung Fu Club, taught by Wah Lum Boston Sifus Pete and Lei Ann. She fell in love with the art and continued to pursue her passion for kung fu after graduation and started officially training at the Wah Lum Boston Academy under Sifu Bob Rosen in 2016. In 2017, Teresa competed in her first tournament and grew her interest in competing and performing. She enjoys the Chinese New Year lion dance parades and performances in Boston even with all the snow and cold. Despite having taken an unconventional route and a later start in kung fu, Teresa aspires to continue growing as a martial artist and is thrilled to be able to be a part of the Wah Lum USA Delegation.
Fun fact: Teresa has traveled to over 15 countries, has been to China 10 times since six months old and spends her free time looking for AYCE hotpot and sushi restaurants to dine at.
Jarrad Antczak joined Wah Lum Knoxville under Sifu Leroy Kautz in 2006. He has participated in several tournaments and demonstrations, and he has been an assistant instructor for the past six years. He first began practicing tai chi with Wah Lum after an injury sidelined his more high-impact kung fu training and quickly found appreciation for the benefits the internally focused art could bring. Jarrad is looking forward to competing against an international array of tai chi practitioners at this year’s Zhengzhou tournament.
Fun fact: Jarrad is a devotee of Chinese oolong tea and keeps upwards of two dozen varieties on hand at all times.